Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Event 8 Champion - Amjadi

$350 + $50 Deepstack NL Hold'em ($100,000 Guarantee)

Mahammad "Max" Amjadi (Marmora, NJ) 

Max Amjadi is all in with K♠ 7♠ against the pocket 8s of Kijoon Park (Brooklyn, NY).

Flop: K♠ 5 2♠ (Amjadi pair of kings)

Turn: 10♠ (Amjadi flush draw)
River 5♣ (Amjadi two pair)

Amjadi wins the tournament with two pair, kings and fives.

"I'm very happy," says Amjadi who's done well during the Borgata daily tournaments, but this is his first Borgata trophy.  "I'm glad to be celebrating with my daughter (Linda) and her husband (Albert)."

Amjadi is originally from Persia and owns a jewelry store.

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