Monday, November 12, 2012

Event 6 Recap

$260 + $40 + $20 Ladies Deep Stack Yellow Chip Bounty NLH      

For the first time ever, the Borgata Open Ladies event featured a Yellow Chip Bounty, with a $20 price tag on the head of every player.  It took about 15 hours for Robin Lee (Norwich, CT) to accumulate all 16.7 million chips in play, first place, and $5,914.  Lee is a recreational player and this is her first win in a live tournament.  She also collected 5 bounties on her way to the finish, including the bounty on the lone male who entered the event.

Second place and $3,210 went to Borgata regular Leanne Rosenblatt (Brigantine, NJ).  She has been living at Borgata since the superstorm damaged the roof of her home.  In between dealing with insurance companies and FEMA, she's trying to enjoy some time on the felt.

Retired CPA Rona Reis (Selbyville, DE) fought her way back from being short-stacked several times during the tournament and actually held the chip lead briefly when down to the final three, but a key hand where she held the second-nut-flush and was up against the nuts cost her that lead.  Despite another valiant attempt to come back, she finished third for $2,028.

The Ladies event drew 67 entries, which resulted in $17,420 in total buy-ins.  The final nine ladies earned a piece to go with the bounties they collected along the way.

Robin Lee said she was "playing tight" all day and it paid off just before the dinner break.  She had pocket Tens and tripled up, which gave her the boost she needed.  "After that, I made good calls and I was always ahead when I called...and they held up".  

Final Results
1 - Robin Lee (Norwich, CT)  $5,914
2 - Leanne Rosenblatt (Brigantine, NJ)  $3,210
3 - Rona Reis (Selbyville, DE)  $2,028
4 - Judy Bielan (Bayonne, NJ)  $1,521
5 - Kim Findura (Butler, NJ)  $1,183
6 - Esther 'E-Tay' Taylor (Haverford, PA)  $1,014
7 - Lisa Pickell (Brick, NJ)  $845
8 - Nancy Martin (Washington Crossing, PA)  $676
9 - Carolyn Mevorah (Staten Island, NY)  $507


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