Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Event 11: 3rd Place - Gutfreund

$350 + $50 Seniors (50+) No Limit Hold'em       

David Gutfreund (Chicago, IL)

David Gutfreund is on the short end of a three way all in vs Mike Gorman and Marc Ginsberg

Gutfreund (445k): A K
Gorman (420k): A♠ Q
Ginsberg (1.2 million): A J

Flop: 9 7♠ 5♣

Turn: Q♠ (Gorman pair of queens)

River: 9(no change)

Gorman wins the hand with two pair, Qs and 9s, to knock out Gutfreund in third place.
Gorman now has the chip lead as he nearly triples-up on the hand. He has 1.3 million to Ginsber's 750k.

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