Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Event 10: Bag & Tag, Korotki Leads

$500 + $60 9/6/4 Max NL Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Harry Korotki
Chip Leader - 529,500

The final ten players are done for the night and it's Harry Korotki (Owings Mills, MD) with the chip lead as they bag and tag for the night.

Korotki got back-to-back double-ups through Daniel Chan (New York, NY), including a 500k chip pot when Korotki hit two pair with A 10 against Chan's AK on a board of A 10 7.

Chan was left with only 8k, but managed four double-ups, all through Matt Maccaroni (Hamilton Square, NJ), and finished the night with 212k.

"Not a good level," says Maccaroni who is still in the hunt with 333,500 chips, who's third behind Korotki and Craig Stern (Crompound, NY) who bagged 515,500.

Play resumes 1 pm Wednesday with blinds starting at 2,500/5k/500 ante.

Chip Counts

Harry Korotki 529,500 (106 bb)
Craig Stern 515,500
Matt Maccaroni 333,500
Luke Vrabel 318,500
Doug Klevitz 307,000
Adel Shakerian 285,000
Ken Silberstein 260,500
Andrew Interdonato 240,500
Daniel Chan 212,500
Matt Iles 96,000 (19 bb)

Check back after 9am for Day 2 seat assignments.

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