Thursday, November 15, 2012

Event 13 Recap

$350 + 50 ANTE ONLY NL Hold'em (Re-Entry)

A new and interesting tournament was rolled out as Borgata continues to provide players with innovative formats. The structure featured no blinds, but antes every hand and it's Jim Wiley (N. Bergern, NJ) who won the inaugural event.

"It was great," said Wiley who earned $6,111 and the trophy at the Borgata Fall Poker Open. "It created a lot of action and people can't hang around."

While the format was new, there were old faces were at the final table, including Will Failla (Commack, NY) and Brian O'Donoghue (Bayside, NY), who both came up short in their quests for their third Borgata trophy.

After Wiley hit a straight on the river to knock out O'Donoghue in place, he never let Failla get traction or double-up in heads up play.

"I beat one heck of a man there," said Wiley who was thrilled to beat Will "the thrill" Failla with a pair of queens on the final hand while holding A Q♣.

"He's obviously no slouch," said the retired government official, "he's got a great reputation. I can now tell my friends that I beat him the next time he's on tv."

Failla's, who will add to his 5th place point total in the Tournament Leaderboard standings, flopped straight and flush draws, but couldn't connect.

45 players entered the event for a total buy-in of $15,750.

Mike Morgovsky (Brooklyn, NY) and George Cicak (Bloomfield, NJ), finished 4th and 5th respectively, while John Lyons, Alex Rocha, Stephen Reynolds and Mike Marder made the final table, but missed the money.

Tournament Results
1 Jim Wiley (N. Bergern, NJ) $6,111
2 Will Failla (Commack, NY) $3,819
3 Brian O'Donoghue (Bayside, NY) $2,292
4 Mike Morgovsky (Brooklyn, NY) $1,681
5 George Cicak (Bloomfield, NJ) $1,375


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