Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Event 10: 4th Place - Maccaroni

$500 + $60 9/6/4 Max NL Hold'em (Re-Entry)       

Matt Maccaroni (Hamilton Square, NJ)

Level 21:  Blinds 6k/12k with 2k ante.

Craig Stern (sb) shoved.  Matt Maccaroni (bb) called all in.

Craig had 84 off.  "I'm live" he said.

Matt was ahead with AT.

Then the board fell Q 8 6 6 6 and Craig took the pot.  "I'm gonna win this whole thing!"  Craig said.

He's up to ~460k.  Harry Korotki has about 2.4 million.

Matt will take $5,864 for 4th place.

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