Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Championship: Time to Check the Tweets

  $2500 + $200 Championship Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Lots of Tweets from the field over the last break:

Tim Reilly ‏@TimReillyPoker
After losing a 190k pot and being down to 40k I have grinded it up to 130k at 1200/2400/300. #whogonestopmenow #weneedit

Ron Pease ‏@wivawat04
Chip count is somewhere between 260k and 180k 3k bb next

RepPorter ‏@RepPorter
Day 2 at borgata. I have 170k. Ave is 143k. 644 started. 135 left. 63 get paid

Al Wasserberger ‏@AlWasserberger
Getting there is good. 350k-ish coming back to 300/1500/3000 #borgatachampionship #oldguysalwayshaveit #fb

brock parker ‏@brock_parker
About 400k ,avg 143k, 135 players paying 63

Michael Marder ‏@MMarder86
62.9k coming back to 1500/3k/300. Won a key flip when I had ~16k QJss>TT aipf, #grinding hard since. #BFPO18 #TeamOneTime

Matt Matros ‏@Matt_Matros
@borgatapoker Day Two, first break. 288k. Lots of good hands, only one bad.

Brian O'Donoghue ‏@Hutch3276
150k on break. Ch cld 3 street w A high for 130k pot correctly. A lil out of my comfort zone

James St. Hilaire ‏@JamesStHilaire
120kish at 1.5-3k. Decent table and not playing like poo today. Gonna run it up

Lee Childs ‏@leechilds
149k at break. Going to 3000/300 coming up. 135 left. Avg stack 143k 

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