Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Championship: Dinner Time Tweets

$2500 + $200 Championship Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)  

Play will resume at about 9:35pm in a few minutes. 

Here are some Tweets from the break:

Allen Kessler ‏@AllenKessler
In the money @BorgataPoker main event. Long bubble. Guaranteed over $5k now. About 200k in chips 4000-8000 500 (yes 500) @SavagePoker

Daniel Buzgon ‏@WiLDmAn_75
Crippled but Itm. 90k going to 4k/8k. Folded some big hands near the bubble. #ohwell #isuck

Christian Harder ‏@realcharder30
In the money @BorgataPoker fall open 2700$-- have about 240k at 4/8k

Lee Childs ‏@leechilds
Finally in the $ and on dinner break. 63 players left. 215k. Blinds are 4k/8k/500.

Vinny Maglio ‏@VinnyMags
Dinner break in the borgata 2700 with 600k starting 4/8k

brock parker ‏@brock_parker
350k, (little more than avg) in the money on dinner break

Brian O'Donoghue ‏@Hutch3276
Dispiste what the blog says, i am still in w 140k on dinner at 4/8k and itm

[Blog error fixed!]

Matt Matros ‏@Matt_Matros
@borgatapoker Dinner break. 465k. Average is 300k with 63 players left. We are in the money.

mark herm ‏@dipthrong
In the money got 240k big blind is 8k

Vinny Pahuja ‏@vinpahuja
ITM @BorgataPoker 2700. Around 860k over 8k. We play till 2am or 27 tonight and play till completion tmrw. GL all still in! 

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