Monday, November 12, 2012

Event 9: Final Table

$350 + 50 Pot Limit Omaha   

 Level 15:  Blinds 2k/4k.

Gabriel "orange man" Ohana has busted out along with another player.

That leaves ten and they've draw for seats and moved to the final table.

Here's the new lineup:

Seat - Player
  1. Bruce Frank
  2. Eddy Vataru
  3. Jordan Diamond
  4. Darius Studdard
  5. Amnon Filippi
  6. Will 'the Thrill' Failla
  7. Roger Souse
  8. Michael Drabot
  9. Bruce Yamron
  10. Chris Gow
One more player must go to reach the money, so it's bubble time!

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