Monday, November 12, 2012

Event 8: Bluffing Into a Boat

$350 + 50 Deepstack NL Hold'em ($100,000 Guarantee) 

Matt Making Player Sweat

Matt O'Flynn (Reston, VA) check calls the turn and river with a full house against an overly aggressive player to win the hand and take the chip lead with 180k.

His opponent was bluffing with 7 high and ships his last 70k to O'Flynn on the river.

After checking the river, O'Flynn doesn't realize that the player had moved all in and made his opponent sweat for several minutes until the table threatened to call the clock.

"I had my headphones on and didn't hear him," says O'Flynn, "He didn't push any chips over the line and I didn't know. I felt bad for making him wait.

Level 10 (500/1k/100 ante) is underway.

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