Monday, November 12, 2012

Bad Beat Jackpot Hits Again!

120 Hits for $14,982,528

 Stolls (left) Wins the Hand, While Arora (right) Wins the Jackpot

Losing with quad 6s never felt so good for Alok Arora (Charlestown, WV), who is Borgata's latest Bad Beat Jackpot winner.

Arora takes home $20,001 because his 6 6♠ was beaten by Herbert Stolls (Jamaica, NY) who hit a straight flush holding 7 8 on a board of 7♣ 9 10 6 6♣

"A miracle just happened," says Stolls, while on the phone with family.  "I just won $10,000," his share of the $50,000 mini Bad Beat Jackpot for winning the hand.

The other seven players in the hand split $20,000 and earn the table share of $2,857.

Norman Michalek  (Westfield, NJ), one of the lucky seven and usually a tournament player, debated about playing in today's 11 am event, but decided to play in the $2-$5 cash game instead.

The main jackpot resets to $164,859 and the next next time the jackpot hits the all time total paid out will top $15,000,000.

Bad Beat Jackpot Winners

Alok Arora (Charlestown, WV) $20,001 (Losing Hand/Jackpot Winner)
Herbert Stolls (Jamaica, NY) $10,000 (Winning Hand)

Table Share

Norman Michalek  (Westfield, NJ) $2,857
Alex Welch (Brooklyn, NY) $2,857
Frank Gisondi (Manahawkin, NJ) $2,857
Nick Pino (Moorestown, NJ) $2,857
Ruslan Klimanov (Staten Island, NY) $2,857
Kien Ping Kwan (Seattle, WA) $2,857
Drew Sullivan (Malaga, NJ) $2,857

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