Saturday, November 17, 2012

Event 17: SixMax Overflow

$1000 + $90 Deep Stack Six-Max No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)  

Level 3:  Blinds 75/150.

The SixMax event has overflowed the 26 tables in the Signature Room and now has tables 27+ going in the Poker Room.

Spotted in the Poker Room:

David Inselberg
Alex Smith
Jamie Kerstetter
Alex Rocha

Also checking in via Twitter:

adam lippert ‏@lippypoker
Playing 1k 6-max with the infamous @Hutch3276 in position weeeee

Brian O'Donoghue ‏@Hutch3276
Playing 1k 6max, guy is 4xing everything #isthatgood cc @lippypoker

Mark Epstein ‏@eppy12588
26k going up to 75/150 only good player at the table is on my direct right

Amanda Musumeci ‏@TheReaLMander
28 k from 25k ss on 1st brk goin back to 75/150 with @johnlak joining me at tbl. Glgl paliosss

Michael Marder ‏@MMarder86
24.1k/25kss coming back to 75/150. Currently 5 handed at one of the softer tables in the field. #BFPO17 #sixmax 

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