Saturday, November 17, 2012

Event 17: Registration Update

$1000 + $90 Deep Stack Six-Max No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)   

Level 3:  Blinds 75/150

The late registration and re-entry period has been extended through level 6, which means until about 3:30 pm.

They're in level 3 and already getting some action via Twitter:

Amanda Musumeci ‏@TheReaLMander
Lost flush to a better flush vs @johnlak 20k now at 150 :/

alex rocha ‏@THE_ALEX_ROCHA
Have only played one hand with guy in Armani Exchange zip up and am already super over him. #Cranky #IWontSleep

Tony Sinishtaj ‏@ToNiSiNz
Limp 150, raise to 400, bb 2250, limper calls, raiser calls. Bb all in for 20k on the flop. fold fold. #real1k6maxhand

Brian O'Donoghue ‏@Hutch3276
Played a hand poorly, pretty mad at myself #bouncebacktime

Michael Marder ‏@MMarder86
Oh btw, Montel Williams is to my imm left #BFPO17 #sixmax

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