Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Evnet 10: More Lineups

$500 + 60 9/6/4 Max NL Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Back from break for

Level 6:  Blinds 200/400 with 50 ante.

Table 5
Jennifer Shahade
John Lakatosh
Paul Shedaker
Michael Wang
Adam Lippert
Dan Buzgon

Table 6
Joe Liberta
Jedial Pires
Andrew Interdonato
Wendy Rubin
David Heck

Table 7
Jason Deutsch
Jordan Diamond
Josh Brikis

Table 8
Mickey Woll
Dan Walsh
Roman Valerstein
LJ Sande
Abe Faroni
***  Daniel Chan late registered after busting out of event 8

Table 9
David Zeitlin
Amanda Musumeci
Steve Dannenmann
Mike Linster

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