Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Event 10: New Structure, Same Idea

$500 + 60 Deepstack 9/6/4 Max NL Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Welcome back to the Signature Room, for yet another first at the Borgata.  We've all seen the six max tournaments, and the 8/7/6 events, but today is the first for 9/6/4.

For those who make look at that name and question what it means, it's a pretty easy explanation.  All tables in the tournament begin 9-handed.  Play will resume that way until 54 players remain, and the tournament directors will them re-draw the players into (9) six-handed tables.  Once that the number shrinks down to 24, they will then re-draw the players into (6) four-handed tables.  From there the tournament will stay formatted until the final table which will be played five-handed.

It looks like we have a ton of late sleepers right now, as players are just begin to file into the room.  The announcement for cards in the air has just been made, and play is underway.

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