Saturday, November 10, 2012

Event 1: Thrilling Will

$500 + 60 Deepstack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Level 16:  Blinds 2k/4k with 400 ante.

Former big stack Paul Bausch ran into the force that is Will 'the Thrill' Failla (Smithtown, NY).  Paul's AK was in bad shape against Will's pocket Kings.  They were all-in pre-flop and the case King came on the flop.

Will 'the Thrill' Failla

Paul was busted and Will was up to ~250k.

Then a short-stack was all-in and called by one player when Will shoved over the top, forcing out the caller.

The short-stack had AQ.  Will was behind with AT.  Then the board came T 9 8 9 T giving Will the full boat and the pot.

He's now up to 335k.

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