Sunday, November 11, 2012

Event 5: Frustration Level... High

$260 + 40 Deepstack Semi-Turbo No Limit Hold'em

Austen Johnson (Woodsboro, MD) continues his roller coaster trend, losing a sizable pot after chipping up to just under 180,000.

There were three players all-in, and Austen was holding A10 against K Q (off-suit), and A♣ 10. The flop ran out all hearts, and Austen was no longer a favorite to chop the hand.  The turn brought another heart which sealed it for Johnsen, and his stack went back down to 120,000.  The recipient of the chips was Gary Ackerman, who was our 4th place finisher in the largest field Borgata ever hosted (Event 1 of the 2012 Borgata Poker Open).  He took home over $111,000 in that tournament, which carried a $1 Million Dollar Guarantee.

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