Thursday, November 15, 2012

Event 12 Winner - Conniff

$260 + 40 Big Stack NL Hold'em ($100,000 Guarantee) 

Asher Conniff (Brooklyn, NY) 

In a pivotal hand, Asher Conniff wins a 10 million chip pot to take control of heads up play against James Blankenship before winning the tournament a few hands later.

Blinds 80k/160k/30k ante

Asher Conniff raises to 325k, James Blankenship calls.

Flop J♣ 10 5♣

Blankenship bets 700k, Conniff makes it 1.5 million, Blankenship calls

Turn: 3♠

Blankenship checks, Conniff bets 850k

River: 5

Blankenship moves all in for 3.5 million, Conniff calls.
Blankenship: 7 8♣
Conniff: J♠ 10♠

"I was too strong to fold there," says Conniff to Blankenship about his open-shove on the river.

"It feels great to finally get one," he adds, "I've fired a lot of bullets here at Borgata."

Conniff plays poker full time and this is his largest win in a live tournament and matches his biggest online payday.

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